August 29, 2012

Dark Circles? Learn how to cover them up!!

I have always said that concealer is the most important product a woman should have in her makeup bag.  

Lots of women fear that concealer will look heavy and enhance any fine lines they have around their eyes.  My response to this concern is that if you color correct the dark circles than you will look well-rested and at least 5 years younger!  The lines are there no matter what so you may as well get rid of any red or purple shading that you naturally have under your eyes.  

Here's a simple how to on how to cover your circles with using two products in under 2 minutes.

Photography by Kerri Lynne Photography

What do you need?
My current faves are
Benefit Erase Paste
 Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfecter

Concealer Brush as part of the Flawless Face brush set
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Step One
Start with the Orange Color Perfector by Laura Mercier and lightly apply under the eye starting from the inner corner and continuing up to the lash line

Step Two

A little goes a long way so dip just the tip of your brush into the pot of concealer and lightly apply over the orange color corrector using short feather strokes until the two are blended together.  

My right eye is successfully concealed
Now I repeat my two steps on the left eye and I'm good to go!

August 28, 2012

Spotlight Photographer - Arielle Doneson featuring Laura

Arielle Doneson Photography

What a pleasure to work with such a talented photographer, Arielle Doneson, at my most favorite venue The Garrison!  Laura was a beautiful bride inside and out!  Her friends were all so wonderful and fun to be around.  

Congratulations Laura and Fritz - enjoy the rest of your honeymoon in the French Riviera!  

LOVE LOVE LOVE this reflection shot



Good job girls!
Keeping your lip gloss perfect is just as chic as drinking champagne through a straw!

August 17, 2012

Spotlight Photographer Ricky Restiano Featuring Megan

I was so excited to work with Ricky Restiano again!

Congratulations Megan and Mike!

August 7, 2012

Bachelorette Party Pre-Bar

I had the best time this past weekend with bride-to-be Meredith, her sister Amanda, and cousin Alyssa!  

I'm sure the friends they met in the city wished they could have joined the pre-party!

August 6, 2012