April 27, 2012

Beauty Calls  

Photography by Antique Honey

 Makeup Workshops for the "Everyday Woman"

A few years ago I created a series of workshops that teach the everyday woman how to apply her makeup with confidence and ease.  Early in my career I was taught by Trish McEvoy who implements a teaching philosophy with her line of skin care and cosmetics. As I was being trained on applications techniques I was simultaneously learning how to teach my clients how to apply their own makeup.  It was a great way to learn and I love sharing the knowledge with all the women I work with.  At the end of the day, we all want to look and feel our best.  If you answer yes to any of the following questions, a Beauty Calls Workshop would be very beneficial to you and your friends.

Have you ever felt...

intimated to go to the makeup counter?

felt forced to purchase every product the sales person put on your face because you liked the end result?

too embarrassed to ask questions on application techniques while you are at the counter?

felt frustrated that the sales person didn't take the time to learn about your lifestyle and what you will realistically apply to your face everyday?

annoyed because although you were excited about your new makeup purchases, you have no idea what to do with them once you get home?  

have you ever wanted to return cosmetics that didn't turn out to be the best color, formula, etc?  did you decide to keep it because you didn't think "used" products could be returned? 

do you ever think that you aren't wearing the right shade of foundation, blush, or lipstick?

do you think that applying makeup will add too much time to your morning routine so you don't even bother?  

would you be willing to take just 3-5 minutes to put on a little makeup in the morning if you knew that your makeup will look really natural but lasted all day?

Other workshop topics include:
Eyebrows, Lashes, and Liner Clean and Simple - This workshop focuses on how to draw attention to the eyes without shadow. Find your most flattering brow shape; learn how to apply liner that lasts all day and how to make the most of your natural lashes.
Special Occasion Makeup Made Easy - Learn how to change your day look to night in just a few simple steps. Guests will also learn how to achieve a smoky eye that looks sexy not messy.
Common Makeup Mistakes and Solutions - Are you too heavy handed with your blush? Did your mascara transfer to your eyelids and ruin your shadow? Become a pro on how to fix these common problems without having to start all over.

Tricks and Tools - This workshop spotlights the essential brushes you need to achieve your everyday and special occasion looks. Guests will also learn makeup secrets of celebrities.
Like Mother/Like Daughter - Does your daughter steal all your makeup? Do you wish you could look as young as her? Learn trends that work for both of you.
I May Not Feel Well but I Look GREAT - Perfect for the woman who has health issues, hair (brow/lash) loss, or would like to learn how to brighten up their complexion and to look less tired.

Makeup Workshops are perfect for:
Fun lunchtime activity for office
In-Store event for retail location
Sorority event
Moms/Girls night outing
Church Group or Sisterhood event
Bachelorette Parties
Bridal Showers