July 12, 2012

Tips to Remember...

Brides, when you are at your makeup trial try to wait until your makeup is completely done to look at your makeup. Stand at least a foot away from the mirror for the initial reveal.  
Let the makeup settle for about 20 minutes before looking into a hand mirror.  Makeup needs time to settle into the skin for it to look most natural.  

If you are having an outdoor wedding or taking your photos outside take a few pictures outside to see how it photographs in broad daylight .  Blush and lips tend to look washed in photos taken outdoors so you may need to brighten your lip color and/or add an extra sheer layer or two of blush.  
By the time you are ready for your first dance your blush will have faded so it's always a good idea to start the festivities as a blushing bride, literally.
After I took this photo of Laura - I added some more blush

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