March 12, 2012

Welcome to your Bridal Makeup Trial!

Welcome to your bridal makeup trial!  
Let me start by asking a few questions:
Have you ever had your makeup professionally done before?
What did/didn't you like about it?
How do you envision your makeup on your wedding day?  

Great!  You brought some pictures of makeup you like.  
I really like this look for you - it's elegant but really fresh and timeless.  
This is how I would tweak it so the look works best for you.  
It's important that you leave your bridal makeup trial HAPPY!  
Don't be afraid to be totally honest - I am happy to make any changes.  
I'll start on the lighter side and then we can edit together until it's perfect.  
It's YOUR FACE on your WEDDING DAY - the only thing that matters is that you look like yourself and that you feel your most beautiful.  

Mom - why don't you take the "before" picture?

What do you think so far?  

OK - those things are easy to change.  

Making sure everything is blended.
First Reveal - Big Mirror

Hand Mirror Reveal

Hand Mirror Reveal
Pretty close resemblance to the inspiration photo!
Yay!  You like it!!

Try it with your hair up!  That's a happy bride!
Don't forget to take a picture outside to see how the makeup looks in daylight!

A big Thank You to Kerri Hamm of KLH Photography!  
Gorgeous photos and so fun to work with you!!

Thank you to Kaitlin King - a beautiful bride who made the perfect model!

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