February 1, 2012

Planning Pretty Prizes!

I love weddings. I love the fashion. I love getting together with old friends and family. I love the dancing. And I especially love noticing all of the little details a couple includes in their big day.

Sometimes when you’re planning your wedding it seems like there’s always an endless barrage of the same old products. In fact, once you’ve been looking around a little you tend to notice that all of your searches turn up the same handful of results (no, I’m not looking for beach chair place card holders!).

If you’re looking for something a little bit different than the products you’ve seen at the last three weddings you attended, you’re in luck! Some of the fabulous raffle prizes at our upcoming Planning Pretty party include handmade pieces that you won’t find just anywhere!

Here’s a small taste of two of the awesome prizes you could win:

Hand Stamped Silverware 

Couples often think of getting special champagne flutes or knives to cut the cake on their big day, but what about silverware? Baby Puppy Designs takes vintage silver-plated silverware (most of which is from the early to mid-1900s) and hand stamps them with sweet little phrases like “Happily ever after begins today” and “For like ever.”

What an adorable photo op! And you could reuse them on anniversaries (like when you eat the top of your cake on your first anniversary!) and other special occasions. I just love this idea.

Guest Book Box 

This is another cute idea. I really enjoy looking at all of the fun alternatives to guest books people have been coming up with. From wishing trees to thumbprint artwork, the possibilities are endless.

One of the reasons I love this hand-crafted pine box idea from Gifts and Talents is that it doesn’t pigeonhole you to one specific idea. You can get creative with it. Have your guests leave their favorite recipes or memories of you. Give them a few different starter questions (anything from What’s your advice on having a happy marriage? to Share an embarrassing story about the bride or groom) or just have them leave their hopes and dreams for you as a couple. There are so many fun possibilities!

This is just a tiny taste of two of the fifteen (!) artisans that will be giving away everything from photo booth props and jewelry to cake toppers and pom pom flowers at Planning Pretty. You don’t want to miss it!

(Please note: these aren't the actual pieces that will be raffled at the party, but an example of the artists' work)

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