September 29, 2011

Look Picture Perfect at your Destination Wedding!

It's challenging to find vendors when you are planning a destination wedding - especially a Makeup Artist.  Just because you are getting married on a beach (or in Italy) doesn't mean your makeup shouldn't be as perfect or as picturesque as your surroundings! 

A great option is booking a personalized makeup lesson with a Makeup Artist in your area.  You can choose whatever look makes you happy and a professional Makeup Artist can help you choose the best products for the climate and location and teach you how to apply them with confidence and precision.

A Destination Wedding Makeup Workshop would also be a fun activity for you to do with your bridal party/family so they can look their best too!  The best part is, you will have a skill that you can use the rest of your life!   

visit for information on Destination Wedding Makeup Lessons and Workshops!!

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  1. LOVE THIS! will be sure to tell my brides about your lessons and workshops...this is perfect for all destination brides struggling to find the "right" vendor! <3